Dojo Ettiquette


Reisetsu O Mamori

Stick to the rules of the Dojo.  Which must be followed at all times, whether training or observing.


Shingi Omanji

 A student must have loyalty and repect to his or hers instructor, which is probably the most important rule in Martial Arts.


Jojitsu Ni Oberezu

 Instructors and students are not one and friendships that exist outside the Dojo must not be taken advantage of inside the Dojo.


Shinkenmi Ni Tesseyo

 Be serious in your efforts.  The following will not be tolerated by the instructors: Talking, Chewing, Smoking, Eating or Drinking, any fooling around or Horseplay, taking advantage of other students and all Karateka must uphold all these rules at all times.


Sayza (Kneeling Position)

Sensei-Ni-Rei (Bow to the instructor)

Aton-Ni-Rei (Bow to Dojo and all assembled)

Kritz (Rise)