Dan Grading Results December 2015

Special Congratulations must go to 2 members of Ogwr Karate Association on their recent achievement.

After a lot of hard work and dedication Simon Burford was awarded his 2nd Dan Black Belt and Matthew Vivian achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt after a grueling grading on the 20th December at the Maesteg Dojo.  They were assessed on a very technical syllabus which involved Kihon Waza, Renraku Waza, Kata Ohyo and Kihon Gumite and Ji Yu Kumite.

We would congratulate both of them on obtaining these prestigious Dan Grades, and thank them for their continuing commitment to the Association, the awards were well and truly deserved.

Thanks must go to Senior Karateka instructors Darryl John (5th Dan) and Chris John (4th Dan) from the Taibach Karate Club for their support, time and expertise on the grading panel.



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